Professional Expertise, Continuing Professional Development and Lesson Study

Masataka Kizuka


The aim of this paper is to answer the questions on attributes of schoolteachers as professionals by exploring their professional expertise and to illustrate how it is created, developed, enhanced and improved. Some specific sets of professional expertise of schoolteachers have been identified as being in common with medical doctors. Especially case-based knowledge is crucial to achieve the goal of Continuing Professional Development (CPD). One of the feasible and appropriate approaches for schoolteachers to acquire professional expertise would lie in Lesson Study, which originates in Japan and has a long history in Japanese schools as the most common CPD method. It specifically aims to prioritise learning by pupils in the classroom, to take a qualitative approach and to exchange varieties of views of the facts occurring in the classroom in order to obtain multiple perspectives from different angles. Therefore, it can be concluded that Lesson Study holds the key to succeed in the way forward of Initial Teacher Education (ITE), Teacher Education (TE) and CPD: It would become a solid future model of ITE and TE, which surely would be able to produce, in Indonesia as well, schoolteachers with professional expertise.

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Continuing Professional Development (CPD); Professional Expertise; Schoolteachers; Cases; Lesson Study

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