Integrating Education For Local Development in Lop Buri Thailand

Kanya Kongsoongnoen


New strategies of  Thailand and Rajabhat  University Network focused on  integrating education for  sustainably local development emphasizing on  three major aspects, economy, society, and environment. Thepsatri Rajabhat  University assigned all faculties from 41 programs to work  in 7 focused areas developing local people, schools, teachers, and students with the budget provided.  This research review revealed that 77  research studies on local development were conducted and reported, 39  in society, 32 in economy, and 6 in environment. Most research on society were emphasized on education and life quality. Twenty – six research were the development of  students’ achievement and training teachers & locals, 13 research investigated  the local life quality .The research on economy consisted of three main approaches, 14 in developing the entrepreneur’s potential, 11 in tourism, and 7 in increasing the product values. The 5 studies on trash managing were organized for developing local environment while there was only one research on nature conservation. The findings revealed  various approaches, innovation, and knowledge for solution.

Kata Kunci

Education, Local Development

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