The Development of Inclusive Education in Yogyakarta Elementary School

Dinar Westri Andini, Siti Anafiah, Ayu Rahayu


This study aims to (1) described the implementation of inclusive education has achieved in primary schools in Yogyakarta through index of inclusive. (2) Described the reality that is on primary schools education providers inclusive in the Yogyakarta .The kind of research this is the qualitative study. The subject of study is 5 primary school inclusive in Yogyakarta , consisting of 3 of public school and 2 of private schools education providers inclusive .The results of the study through index of inclusive has achieved at 5 primary school inclusive in Yogyakarta obtained data that four of the five primary school in dimension culture especially on the received all students in school environment, signifying percentage low, that is means that fact that there are still labeling and discrimination. Policy in dimension, own school has a policy in the implementation of an inclusive school, but not yet in full have made efforts to increase, socialize and realize that a hospitable environment either physically or in learning. The emergence of culture just a receive children in class without trying to figure out the ability, in a studied manner children and trying to create the participation of the whole students. The existence of for cultural of parents in their children with special needs children Indonesian must provide special teachers or special teachers a companion. The teacher had not yet having a taste that the son of crew members part of a class. Dimensions the practice of presentation of teaching low results are, the teacher had not yet trying to uncover the level of a generation of kids able virtue of assessments carried out, some of the government would make in conducting curriculum adaptation, plan up to carry out learning to meet the variation in students.

Kata Kunci

inclusive education; Yogyakarta

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