Use of Digital Book Media at SD Negeri Pedurungan Tengah 02 Semarang

Ikha Listyarini, Muhammad Arief Budiman


Along with the development of highly sophisticated technology, digital media has been developed in learning. This digital media can present learning materials in a more contextual, audio and visual way more interesting and interactive. This is certainly also supported by the rapid development of computer technology and the ability of teachers to apply digital media in classroom learning. However, in the learning process there are still many teachers who are hampered in using learning media, so that learning cannot run according to the original plan. Based on this, the author considers it necessary to conduct research related to the use of learning media used by teachers in learning. The purpose of the study was to find out the use of digital book media at SD Negeri Pedurungan Tengah 02 Semarang. This research method is qualitative descriptive. Data collection in this study uses several methods, namely interviews and student response questionnaire sheets. Based on research on the use of digital book media in learning at SD Negeri Pedurungan Tengah 02 Semarang, it can be concluded that according to the data obtained in learning in digital media media books are still rarely used in schools. There are even some teachers who do not know about this digital-based media. This can be seen from the results of interviews and response questionnaires distributed to students of SD Negeri Pedurungan Tengah 02 Semarang. According to the student response questionnaires that have been filled out prove that in learning most teachers have never used digital media books.

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media, Digital Book

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