Analysis of Difficulties in Mathematics Learning In Second Grade Of Elementary Schools (Case Study in One of South Jakarta Elementary Schools)

Nur Indah Sakilah, Candra Puspita Rini, Ina Magdalena, Een Unaenah


This study aims to overcome the difficulties of learning mathematics in second grade students. This research was conducted at SD Negeri Grogol Selatan 17, Kebayoran Lama, South Jakarta. The subjects of this study were all second grade students totaling 28 students. This research is a qualitative research using a case study method. In collecting data, researchers used methods of observation, interviews and documentation. Data analysis techniques used are data reduction, data presentation and drawing conclusions. To test the validity of the data is used to confirm the data triangulation technique. Based on the results of the study found conclusions of various kinds of difficulties faced by students in mathematics lessons such as difficulties in solving numeracy problems, difficulty in placing unit number values, tens and hundreds, difficulties in distinguishing the symbols of counting operations. The factors that lead to learning difficulties are the students' assumption that mathematics is a difficult lesson, the lack of use of teaching aids in learning mathematics, the teacher's method of teaching is less varied. The recommended solution to overcome mathematics learning difficulties faced by students is that teachers conduct intensive guidance and remedial teaching as well as the role of parents at home in helping to overcome mathematics learning difficulties.

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Case Study, Mathematics Learning Difficulties, Factors Causing Difficulties

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