Azhari Md Hashim


Campus entrepreneurial ideas were realizing in UiTM Kedah Branch Campus as part
of the initiative to develop creativity, innovative, adaptable, and lateral thinking in
producing the high quality demand of graduates. Within the Malaysian
government initiative, the Action Plan of Malaysian Higher Ministry Education were
alluring in enhancing The Higher Education Entrepreneurship Development Policy
with the initial intent of achieving high‐quality human capital, equipped with
entrepreneurial thinking, attributes, and values, hence to produce more graduate
entrepreneurs to act as catalysts for economic transformation which benefit an
individual and society. Inspired by this action, UiTM Kedah management has taken
its step by promoting entrepreneurship as one of the focusing activities through
several initiatives such as night market, car boot sale, push cart, alumni business
incentive, training by caterer providers, kiosk, and international wholesale
programs. However, students merely recognize these positive initiative by
practicing as entrepreneurs during their studies and resulted in job hunting for
private or government sector after graduated. The prospect of entrepreneurial
ideas within campus environment were explore in regards what are the initiative
that has been done and the possible potential areas in entrepreneurship to be
explore. The intention of this paper is to outline the achievement and possible
action to stimulates entrepreneurial awareness and recommend some insights into
how campus can develop entrepreneurship activities. Suggestions are then made
as a way forward in assessing entrepreneurial awareness and action among
graduates whom will be a player in realizing successful economic nation.

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