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Since English is a second language in Indonesia, students are required to learn more to enhance their English language skills. In English learning process, many students prefer in Instructional Technology to conventional explanation in classroom activities. This phenomenon then leads to the new innovation in grammar teaching using Macromedia Flash software. This study describes how to develop the materials in teaching grammar for the eighth grade students of Junior High School using Macromedia Flash software. Therefore, this study belongs to Research and Development (R & D). In the pre-design study, the researchers conducted an interview to reveal the students’ difficulties and needs. In the material development, the researchers made the innovative and interesting product based on the result of learners’ analysis and contexts. In the post-design study, the researchers distributed evaluation questionnaire to the expert in order to obtain evaluation, comments, suggestions, and feedback. Based on the results of conducting validation from the expert, the materials for teaching grammar for Eighth grade students of Junior High School by using Macromedia Flash software program are well developed.

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Developing; Material; Macromedia Flash; R&D

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