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The objective of this research is to develop the sticky flannel book for increasing students’ vocabulary mastery. The type of this research is Research and Development (R&D). The subjects were 28 learners of the fourth grade in the Minomartani 6 elementary school. The research instruments were questionnaires, interview guidelines, and observation guidelines. The products of this research are sticky flannel book as the medium and “English Time” as the student book based on the genre based approach. There are two units in the book. The title of the first unit is “Fruits” and the title of second unit is “Things in the Classroom”. There are four activities revealing four language skills. The activities apply the four steps of genre based approach: BKOF, MDOT, JCOT, and ICOT.  The results of expert judgment questionnaires show that the products are categorized into good media and materials, and appropriate to be used in teaching English for the fourth grade of elementary students although there were some revisions that should be done.

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vocabulary mastery; sticky flannel book; research and development

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