Students’ Reading Motivation through Autonomous Learning in Extensive Reading Class

Victa Sari Dwi Kurniati, Kankamon Suthum


This study aims to see the implementation of the autonomous learning and also to find out the students’ readiness of autonomous learning through their perceptions. This research is implemented by integrating the strategy with the tasks and assignments which carried out through the learning process of extensive reading class by inviting the students to make a learning plan, a reflection and a learning evaluation. The results indicated that the autonomous learning exercised the ideal autonomy by giving the students greater opportunity to manage their whole learning; the opportunity to be active and responsible for their learning. However students might perceive autonomous learning differently. The positive perception indicates that the students are ready to learn autonomously. Students’ confidence and a sufficiently high self-perception of competence predispose students toward taking responsibility for their learning. The capacity to behave autonomously is enhanced by self-perception of competence. The negative perception of autonomous learning and on their capability indicated that the students were not ready enough for autonomous learning.

 Keywords: reading; autonomous learning





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