Ayu Warnaningrum, Sudartomo Macaryus


This study aims to assess the characteristics geguritan Handoyo Wibowo works in the anthology  Conscience Care. This study aimed to describe (1) the characteristics of language author who studied through clause types and compaction language conducted by the author, (2) diction in geguritan-geguritan works Handoyo Wibowo, (3) sound, (4) imagery, and (5) figure of speech. The research is a qualitative descriptive. The data in this study are the types of clauses that are used in the anthology Geguritan, words (diction).Sumber data used in this study a book Anthology ofConscience Care geguritan work Handoyo Wibowo categorized as a document. The instrument used in this study is a set of books - books stylistic, syntactic structures, in particular, the clause, sound, diction, figure of speech, and imagery that became the theoretical basis in order to obtain better data. Provision of data in this study using an advanced simak.Teknik method used in this study are engineering and technical literature record. Data analysis methods used in this study is a translational agih and unified method. Data were analyzed using the technique of direct element.Advanced techniques used sorting technique decisive element is aggregated translational power engineering, power and power sorting aggregated referential orthography. Results of the study are (1) geguritan work there Handoyo Wibowo compaction akromin said that the title is a phrase or clause that is the meaning of that title. Geguritan entitled "ngrasani" is an acronym of ngasorakerasa nurani, "tentrem" (tetenger trenyuh ayem), "sembrana" (sembadane ora ono), "candradimurka" (candrane dadi murka), "aja" (amrih dijaga), "petra "(peling trahe swara)," revelation "(wayah atine ngguyu)," geguritan "(gurit kang mapan)," mereni "(rumesep mengini), and" Kotagedhe "(kang oleh tanggapan gedhe), (2) the existence of irregularities the syntax elements, namely the deletion elements of S, (3) diction used in anthologies geguritan Handoyo Wibowo work dominated by abstract words. In addition diction used also in the form of said concrete and meaningful words connotation, (4) the sound is dominated by assonance a and i, for alliteration not too prominent, but which often appears is in alliteration [ŋ] / ng /, (5) imagery Conscience contained in the anthology Cares is the imagery of vision, hearing, foretaste, taste and touch, (6) figure of speech contained in geguritan-geguritan work Handoyo Wibowo is a figure of speech simile, metaphor, personification, hyperbole, allegory, and epics. Figure of speech which is the dominating figure of speech metaphor.


Stilistika, clause structure, diction, sound, figure of speech, and images

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