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Arm Up System

oleh Ellen Thomas (2019-05-22)

Let's go in to best exercises starting with the Arm Up System lying tricep extension. To begin, you need to reverse grip an EZ bar with a weight that allows you to do 5-8 reps. Lay flat on a bench and keep your elbows tucked in as much as possible. Then move the bar slowly until it almost reaches your forehead then lift it back to the starting position (above your head). It's important to do this exercise slowly as you could end up hitting your head accidentally.The next exercise is probably one of the best exercises to build your triceps, and that is the tricep dip. You'll probably see many dip machines in the gym. You can also do this exercise in a dipping bar. To start out put your legs on the bar and left your legs while learning slightly forward. With your triceps isolated, lower your body until your chest is slightly above the bar. The best way to do this exercise is to make sure that your feet are curled up 90 degrees backwards and you are leaning forward.Let's move on to the tricep extension. This exercise can be done with an EZ bar or with a cable machine in the gym. First hold the EZ bar or cable machine (with the attachment) with a reverse grip. Hold the grip with 6 inches between your hands. Then keep your elbows locked and in then extend downwards until you almost reach your knees from an above starting position.One of more known exercises for building triceps is the close grip bench press. This is no different from a regular bench press except you hold the grip of the bar about 6 inches apart. With your elbows locked, lower the bar just until it touches your chest and repeat again. It's important to maintain good form when performing this exercise. https://supplementdiary.com/arm-up-system-review//