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Platinum Soursop

oleh Johnson Sophie (2019-02-13)

So while protein works with muscle repair and energy, Platinum Soursop Review fat keeps you full longer. This way nutrients trickle into the places that they need to be in and stay there longer which is great for endurance or long days at the office. Protein and fat also help with brain function. If you are a busy business owner this combination is good for you. How does this work with juicing you ask? Have a tsp of almond butter with your juice to help it digest slowly into the muscles. Have a small snack of whole grain crackers as well with your juice. That is a perfect snack for a midday slump instead of reaching for the candy bar or bag of potato chips. = Sources: Greek Yogurt with almonds or walnuts and fresh fruit, whole grain rice crackers with nut butter, quinoa with vegetables and cheese, or salmon with brown rice and vegetables. Pay attention to this combination if you are vegetarian. While the body can readily absorb iron from animal sources most of the time, iron from plant sources like spinach, kale, etc., need the help of vitamin C to get the full benefit and have it properly absorbed and sent to where it needs to go. This pairing needs to be consumed in the SAME MEAL to get the benefits of enhanced iron absorption. Iron helps the body fight off fatigue and soreness by carrying oxygen to the muscles. I am sure this is not the first time that you have heard how important vitamin D is for your health but let me stress this... IT IS SOOO VERY IMPORTANT that you are getting enough vitamin D. Vitamin D plays a very large role in our immune system and if you are not getting enough, you will start to experience all sorts of health problems which can certainly be avoided. I check ALL of my clients' vitamin D levels and keep a close eye on that number. I have done a lot of research on this amazing vitamin and trust me, I am not saying this for my own health, you need to be aware of what your number is. The magic number is over 50. So how can you get those most of the vitamin D in the foods we eat? Add calcium. Your body needs vitamin D to effectively absorb calcium, which is often lost in sweat. Calcium keeps your muscles healthy as well as keeping your bones strong. The key to this combination is to spread it out throughout the day since the body can only absorb small am ounts of calcium at a time. https://healthcaredevotee.com/platinum-soursop-review/