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There are other ways to keep the yeast fungus from Yoga Burn Review  multiplying rapidly. Yoghurt is a good natural remedy that reinstates good bacteria in your body and helps to keep yeast fungus at minimum levels. It is important to take plain natural and unsweetened yoghurt in your diet.You can also combine vitamin C in your yeast infection diet as a natural treatment. Vitamin C is an antioxidant which inhibits the growth of yeast fungus and gives you relief from the disastrous yeast infection.Furthermore, your yeast infection diet can incorporate vitamin E, vitamin B and zinc to boost your immunity level and prevent yeast infections from recurring. Using these vitamins and minerals in your diet, the body hormones will be in proper balance.Candida albicans are the major cause of the infection in women. This is a one celled yeast fungus which exists naturally in the body of humans. Our body contains good bacteria which keep their population in check. However, when the good bacteria are destroyed, Candida albicans reproduces numerously.Use of antibiotics has been related to this troublesome infection. They disrupt the natural balance of the bacteria in the body causing the overgrowth of yeast fungus which in turn causes yeast infections.Women who take birth control pills may have also noticed that it is related to yeast infections. Similar to taking antibiotics, birth control pills also destroy the natural balance of the bacteria and causes yeast infections.