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Language Of Desire

oleh Johnson Sophie (2019-02-21)

Although I usually stop people from going Language Of Desire Review on about what took place I decided to let her. Her story unraveled, or should I say their story unraveled. Mr. Husband was cheating on his wife with her best friend. When she caught him he denied everything at first, but later confessed to what he had done and told her it was a one-time fling that would never happen again. Unfortunately it turned out to be far from a one-time fling. It turned out he was also having an affair with another friend of theirs from the gym. He admitted to everything and was crying as he was telling her how he would never do it again, that it was all way in the past. When I asked how long ago it happened they told me it was two weeks ago. I was floored; way in the past?! But I didn't let on. As far as I was concerned they had two little babies who needed their parents. Still I wasn't about to condone what he had done, or make it seem like it was no big deal. It was a huge deal to her! I'm not a therapist. In terms of marriage I think of myself as a reverse engineer. I understand how marriages work; I understand the dynamics. I know what breaks them apart and I know what holds them together. I know what makes people happy in a marriage and I know what makes people miserable. I also know that we people are not perfect. As outrageous as this man's behavior seemed to be I have seen worse and I have seen couples get past it. I don't mean to assume anything but maybe most people would be asking questions like... "Is it possible for them to get past the betrayal?" There are sub questions too... "Can he ever be trusted? Will he do it again? Will she forgive him? Will she hold it over him? Will they need therapy?"...and so on. https://nomorescamreviews.com/language-of-desire-review/