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Alive After The Fall 2

oleh rose ks (2019-02-22)

Seven, going back and doing it all over. The process Backyard Revolution Review never ends. So all these things work together, as leaders we have to make sure it all "hangs together" and fits. If we want to drive the highest levels of performance in the organization, we have to optimize all simultaneously. But it's more complicated than what I've described. In the ideal world (as we often create in blogs), we get to execute steps 1-7 in sequence. In reality, we never get to start at one then go through 7. Sometimes we have to start at 2, so we have to build everything based on that. Sometimes, we have restrictions in 3 - there are limitations on the processes, tools, systems, and structures-so we have to adjust everything else based on these constraints. https://losconcepto.com/backyard-revolution-review/