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oleh Ssregina Regina (2019-02-25)

And you can even have really fun with it. GenBrain Review You can learn how to body surf or surf with a board and enjoy the rush of being taken and carried by the ocean. It is totally exhilarating, a moment of oneness with the divine force and makes you feel really alive and in the moment. You can use astrology in a similar way. If you know the astrological time quality of the present moment you can let it carry you and enjoy the ride. You can even use it to get you where you want to go. If you align yourself with the universal forces you know the time to put seeds in the ground and when to harvest. There is always a right time to do the right things. For me astrology is a special pair of glasses I use to look into the world to help guide me in my decisions and intentions. It gives me a broader picture and higher perspective of what is asked of me. I enjoy the intro perspective and guidance I receive that way. When I research and write my weekly forecasts I enjoy seeing the main theme of the week crystallizing itself for me to see. Obviously I am not commenting on every planetary aspect happening in the week. Instead I allow that crystallization process and I am always amazed how it becomes clear what the week is about. Last week we had relationship as the highlight with 4 planets in Libra. The week before the Mercurial activities and communication was at the forefront. And so it goes on this week with the theme of Scorpio. Scorpio energy is not an easy one for most of us so I thought it deserved a longer introduction. Moon Astrolog Scorpio energy was already introduced to us with the Moon entering Scorpio last Saturday till Tuesday 20. Because the Moon is often unconsciously motivating our actions it is helpful to follow the position of it throughout the zodiac. Moon astrology is giving us more awareness of those inner promptings and always changing inner tides of emotions. The Moon moves through the whole circle of the zodiac in one month and is the fastest moving planet we watch in astrology. When we experience the turbulence of those inner feelings going through the monthly changes we may get more compassion for ourselves and relaxation around their constant changes. Often there is nothing much you can do about it, besides feeling what is there to feel and bringing full awareness to it. Only then we will have the chance to take the next step and reorient ourselves into better thoughts and feelings.