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oleh Ssregina Regina (2019-03-02)

But let me ask you a challenging question here; what iGenics Review kind of authority are they really on vision improvement? Most of them wear glasses or contacts, and did you ever improve your vision with their means up until now? You do get higher prescriptions, not lower ones, don't you. But if they improved your vision, why don't your glasses disappear after a while? Because the root causes are not in the eyes. The root causes for eye problems are in the mind and the whole body. The eyes are just showing the symptom. Yes, the state of your colon directly affects your natural vision correction, believe it or not. Have you ever heard of it, probably not because the last thing your optometrist is going to prescribe is a colon cleanse... He'll give you one pair of prescription glasses after the other, for as long as you live! So how exactly does your colon affect your natural vision correction? You see, in holistic medicine, all parts of the body are connected and interlinked. No organ operates in isolation from the rest of the body, only Western medicine approaches health in that manner. The difference is that Eastern healing approaches have been around for thousands of years and studied healthy people and why they are healthy, instead of the Western approach of slicing up dead and sick people to find out why they got sick. Which approach you prefer is up to you, but for natural vision correction, I concentrate on the Eastern philosophies because they make more sense to me. Western medicine has it's place, but not in natural vision correction because their techniques lead to stronger and stronger prescriptions, so obviously the correction part isn't working in their techniques. So, back to the colon; there is a reflexology point deep within the colon that directly affects your eyesight. Basically, if that one is blocked, your vision gets worse, and most of today's diet is blocking the colon. If the colon doesn't get cleansed out then toxin and waste products of the body just keep clocking up that reflexology point. More importantly, though, your eyes are connected to your liver, via the liver meridian. A meridian is an energy pathway that distributes energy to various parts of the body. So, if your liver is too toxic, your eyes don't receive the energy they are supposed to get, meaning your vision deteriorates.