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Essence of Argan

oleh Ssregina Regina (2019-03-05)

Improper Method of Facial Hair Essence of Argan Review Waxing Waxing of facial hair is a common beauty practice followed by women. But if certain after care is not taken or facial hair is not waxed in proper way it results in pigmentation on the face. Overexposure of the Skin to Sun Over exposure to the sun without the protection of sunscreen lotion increases the production of melanin in our skin resulting in pigmentation. The facial skin is all the more delicate. The harsh UV rays harm the unprotected skin. In fact too much use of the tanning booth produces the same result. Allergic Reaction of Certain Drugs This is one important reason for hyper pigmentation that is over looked my many people. Some antibiotics like minocycline, tetracycline and doxycycline are very extensively used by a lot of people. In fact minocycline is commonly used to treat acne. But the list of drugs contributing to melasma does not stop here. There are some anti depressant that also cause facial pigmentation. Imipramine is one of them. Chlorpromazine is a medicine usually used as an anti-psychotic drug. This also causes melasma after a prolonged use. Phenytoin which is prescribed for epilepsy is another example of drug inducing melasma in the long run. The peculiarity of drug induced melasma is that it easily aggravates the skin condition by extended exposure to the sun. So now that we know the major and common factors that cause melasma and facial pigmentation we can take some preventive steps not to get this skin condition in the first place. We are also in a position to take steps for preventing aggravation of this skin condition. But how do we treat it if it is already there whatever may be the reason? Well the first step is naturally to discontinue the situation that caused it. And use a good quality product to remove those ugly facial pigmentation marks.