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oleh marven dwayne (2019-03-05)

We made an early start at the Shake'in Bar which opens at 4PM and is aBedBug Guardian local cafe and bar with several different rooms plus a small dance floor. On this particular occasion a local singer entertained the crowd with Turkish songs and although I didn't understand the words, when a handsome young man sits on your lap to serenade you, the language becomes universal. Next we headed to the larger more American-style Tek Yon dance bar. Currently recognized as the most popular gay bar in Istanbul, the waiters and staff are very friendly and the crowd very mixed and packed most nights. But our last stop of the night quickly became my favorite when we arrived at the Love Dance Point. Although it doesn't open until 11:30PM and only on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, it stays alive until 5AM on weekends. The incredibly friendly waiters, bartenders and management make the place. Here I learned that the Turkish Viagra from the spice market is firmly recommended by the locals for yet another Turkish delight! Not surprisingly the hot Turkish go-go dancers are a real treat plus the amazingly diverse, tightly packed crowd quickly made me realize I had found the real midnight express in Istanbul. https://supplementsbureau.com/bedbug-guardian-review/