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Playing Billiards - A Game Of Skill And Strategy

oleh vathan diva (2019-03-06)

A recently published  Vert Shock study of high intensity training has even gone as far as demonstrating the benefit of this type of intense exercise for as little as six minutes a week. They studied "all-out" intense exercise periods of 1-2 minutes rotated three times with brief breaks in between. The amount of energy burned and positive stimulus to muscle building was as great as much longer workouts. These short workouts for even six minutes a week produced increased endurance, strength, and weight loss. Keep in mind that most exercise studies are carried out with young healthy adults and often elite athletes. So some perspective and word of caution is appropriate before deciding to take the leap of faith yourself. High intensity workouts may increase risk of injury and may not be good idea for people who have been sedentary and are just starting an exercise routine. Moreover, underlying chronic conditions like heart disease, arthritis, lung problems or diabetes should be carefully considered before starting a program of exercise regardless of intensity. Consulting your health care provider and determining a plan that is both safe and efficient for you is of utmost importance. What we can learn from the increasing body of information is that there may be ways to modify exercise programs so they are more efficient and accessible to everyone.

Small amounts of exercise have been shown to benefit everyone at any age or gender. Although there are differences in metabolism between men and women largely due to the effects of estrogen, both men and women can benefit from interval training as long as it is sensible and appropriate for their personal level of conditioning. Working out too much, too fast in an attempt to make up for lost time will not only be unsustainable, but risk injury. A good rule for intensity is to calculate your target heart rate while staying in a safe zone. The maximum heart rate is subtracting your age from 220. Staying in a safe zone for exercise would mean staying at 60 to 75% of the max. heart rate. If you are 40 years old: 220-40 = 180. Taking 60 to 75% of 180 means you need to keep your heart rate between 108 and 135 beats per minute.