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Raikov Effect Review

oleh dilli jack (2019-04-02)

My husband's father died when he was a little boy of seven. "Don't let my daddy be dead." he cried on the way into town to learn that indeed he had died in the local mine disaster. What could be worse than that for a little boy? His mother had to move them to town where she could find work doing menial labor to put food on the table. He was encouraged to go to college and make something of himself. He graduated and became a Certified Public Accountant and married me. We are the parents of ten children and 57 grandchildren.

That would have never happened if his father hadn't died. My husband would have stayed on the farm or joined the Navy like his brothers did. I lived over three hundred miles from his hometown and we would never have met in Yellowstone Park where his mother sent him to work as a teenager and where I went after graduating from high school. I am certainly not grateful that he was raised without the companionship and example of his father but I am very grateful we met in Yellowstone Park and got married. We don't get to judge the law, we just get the results of it.