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What's more, proving your own abilities and values through actions.

oleh vathan diva (2019-04-04)

In one of Caroline Myss keynote  The Dream Machine  speeches she talked about her younger brother who, at the time, was receiving treatment for drug withdrawal. However, her brother was not a drug addict - far from it. In fact, what had happened was that he sought the help of a psychiatrist to help him overcome an anxiety problem he was experiencing.

The psychiatrist prescribed medication and following other subsequent monthly 15-minute consultations continued to prescribe more and more drugs for this man who was supposed to be in her care. It reached a climax where he was taking 17 different drugs a day, twice a day. However, instead of getting better his health rapidly deteriorated.

You may know of similar stories for this is far too prevalent in our society today.The thing is that this man didn't even need drugs in the first place. He needed, for want of a better term, counselling. With skillful counselling he could have worked through the issues he was facing. It might have been a painful experience but it could have been made exciting and liberating. And please don't think I'm suggesting a process that equates to years in "therapy" - far from it.

This psychiatrist decided to treat this man's symptoms by numbing them and when that didn't work she simply prescribed more and more drugs to numb other symptoms and counteract the side effects that the initial drugs were causing.She had one primary tool and she used it relentlessly.

For as Abraham Maslow said:"If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail."This story is extreme. In fact, I find it quite harrowing but it does demonstrate the critical importance of broadening your skill set.It's important that you are also open to learning and that when knowledge is available to you that you study it and put it into action. Many people buy books, DVDs, courses and some never even open them far less read the content. Some people acquire certain books just so they can have an impressive-looking library.