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oleh princy william (2019-04-11)

Recently researchers tested other Advanced Cardio RX Review factors that they believe may be correlated with atherosclerosis. The results are pretty amazing: human studies showed that elevation of blood homocysteine is found to be a greater risk factor (22-40 fold) than elevated cholesterol (1.2 - 3.1 fold), high blood pressure (8-18 fold) or cigarette smoking (3.5 fold). But this is not convenient for the medical community because they would have to re-assess and possibly discard most of the beliefs modern therapy of atherosclerosis is based on. Not to mention the loss in billions of dollars the pharmaceutical companies would suffer if such a radical change was to take place. In fact there have been many studies clearly indicating that the cholesterol hypothesis is not very well explaining how atherosclerosis occurs. There are some major points related to this theory that conventional medicine accepts but cannot explain. But this is not enough to change the world.In fact the story goes way back to the 70s, when a brilliant medical research from Harvard found out all about homocysteine and the massively important role it plays in the development of arteriosclerotic disease. The pieces of the puzzle were already there and he managed to connect them and see the whole picture. Of course cholesterol is a big part of the story but it is not the cause of arteriosclerosis. It is a secondary effect. It accumulates wherever there is arterial damage. Homocysteine is a highly toxic molecule that is usually flushed out of our bodies. Under certain circumstances, very common indeed, it accumulates in the liver, reacts with cholesterol and form a highly toxic substance that causes arterial damage when it is released in the bloodstream. The simplicity of this mechanism has been verified in many research projects and also opens the way for the real cure of arteriosclerosis.