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The Trick to Financial Success

oleh vathan diva (2019-04-13)

Blogging is all about those Spiritual Laws of Money  two things- producing good, useful, quality content, and building respectful and loving, generous relationships. In sales there is a saying that people buy things for two reasons- because it fixes a problem, and because they like it. So help fix people's problems, and make it easy for your readers to like you, and they'll be yours.

So if the easiest way to have success is to copy it, the key is determining what qualities are the ones to be copied. It's one thing to look like success by copying the trappings of the "having" - the car and home, the toys and entertainment that may really be beyond affordable. It's a quite different focus to copy the "being" and then the "doing" which ultimately create the "having," which is the ability to say "YES" to that desired lifestyle... and to afford it. First we must BECOME the person who will DO the things that create the HAVE. Be. Do. Have. That's the order for success.

How often have you seen someone in a race for success act in this order: GO! SET! On Your MARK? They start working, then take aim, then decide to organize. It's like they're firing a rifle, before aiming, and aiming before being in range. Fire, Aim, Ready is not an order that creates success. And so often, they wonder, after all the activity, why the goal eludes them.

So what are those things that are to be copied on this journey to any particular goal? Simple. Copy the beliefs, the syntax and the physiology of those who have taken the success path before. Right now, let's look at the syntax, the order in which things are done. Here's a clue: Go-Set-On Your Mark, and Fire-Aim-Ready are not the magic formula.