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When our skin begins to Lavie Labs Hydrolift Review expand and results in tearing of inner layer of the skin, thin red lines, some times unnoticeable, appear first. Later the same red lines change into unsightly white stretch marks, which are known for causing embarrassment.Though it is very common with women to get striae during and after pregnancy, even men get white marks on skin when they put on weight fast. During puberty almost everyone gains some fat and gets some noticeable white lines on skin.Losing weight does not fade those hideous marks on the skin. Contradictorily, it makes them more horrible. Shedding the extra pounds would make one slim, but at the same time, can make the white patch lines more noticeable.Fortunately, these ugly striae marks can be avoided by taking necessary precautions. Following controlled vitamin rich diet and regular exercises can prevent weight gain as well as the white lines on skin. Steady and slow weight gain or loss does not cause these marks as it provides time to our skin to get expanded naturally without any damage.Do you suffer from itchy swollen toes in the winter? If you do, you might have Chilblains. Chilblains most commonly occur on toes and fingers. Chilblains looks like small red bumps on the toes or fingers. They are also very itchy.Chilblains are caused by extremely cold weather which damages the capillary beds on your skin. If you have bad blood circulation, your chances of getting Chilblains are higher. Chilblains are caused by rapid change of the temperature from cold to hot or hot to cold. So it is very important not to get directly exposed to the heat if your feet or hands are very cold. Slowly warm them up.Chilblains can be prevented by keeping yourself warm. Keep your feet warm in the cold winter months by wearing winter boots and wool socks. Keep your hands warm by wearing mittens. If your feet or hands do get cold, warm them up slowly. Once Chilblains develops, it will mostly last for the whole winter season till the weather warms up again. So it is extremely important to keep yourself warm from the beginning of the cold winter season.If Chilblains does occur do not scratch the infected area. You can massage some smoothing lotion to lessen the itchiness and the irritation. Keep yourself warm, and most importantly the infected area as well. There are some home remedies that have worked for some people but not for all which will help lessen the itchiness and redness. You should also contact your physician if you have symptoms of Chilblains. https://binarytradingfactory.com/lavie-labs-hydrolift-review/