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30×30 Total Transformation65

oleh dilli jack (2019-04-16)

By week seven you will begin doing sets of single pull-ups. Congratulations! You've just done your first pull-up! As you get stronger and your body further adapts, you can begin adding repetitions to your sets and creating variety by experimenting with different hand positions. You will find that underhand grip is the easiest, and overhand grip is the hardest. Neutral grip, with the palms facing each other on a neutral grip pull-up bar, is also a little easier than overhand grip and builds the muscles in the middle of your upper back. Placing the hands close together in an overhand grip is great for building the forearms. Also, you can do towel pull-ups, which are completed by putting a small towel over one side of the pull-up bar and holding the towel with one hand instead of the bar. These are another way to build the forearms and grip strength. Two towels with a towel in each hand is even harder and very advanced.