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Can-C Eye Drops and Their Use in Treating Cataracts!

oleh vathan diva (2019-04-17)

Protection From Your  Divine Vision 12   Computers UV Rays Although the UV rays from your computer are not nearly as strong as those from the sun, your eyes still need protected from these rays to help prevent cataracts and other eye problems. This is why many computer glasses are made from Polycarbonate plastic which is both light weight and blocks the harmful UV rays from your computer.

Protection From The Computers Glare The glare from the computer screen can cause your eyes to dry out, result in blurry vision, and even severe headaches in some people. Having your computer glasses treated with an anti reflective coating will reduce the glare from your computer screen and make those long hours spent working on the computer far more comfortable.

Scratch Resistance Working on and off the computer during the course of the day can result in your putting on and taking off your glasses countless times. This can result in scratches that causes eye strain when trying to view your computer screen. By getting your glasses treated to be scratch resistant you reduce the chances of your glasses becoming scratched with just normal use.

Keep in mind if you wear prescription glasses that your normal glasses are not going to provide the protection you need when doing computer work. In addition, your normal glasses are not designed to allow you to view the computer screen properly as the distance between you and a computer screen is different than your normal reading distance. So getting a pair of glasses specially designed for working on the computer will allow you to see and read the words on the computer easier.