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NooCube Review

oleh maggie smith (2018-12-18)

The lack of supportive NooCube Review/ scientific evidence does not seem to matter, nor does it stop the medical-pharmaceutical establishment from justifying psychiatric drugs as a way to treat what are actually "illusionary biological disorders."Mental, emotional, behavioral, and sexual disorders are actually "selfish reactions." Their origins are psychological, and they almost always are reactions to the wrong choices of unloving, excessively controlling, abusive, and sexually abusive parents.The truth about our disorders and negative behaviors has not yielded to centuries of investigation because investigators and researchers are stupid. They are not stupid. The reason for the lack of understanding lies in selfish, controlling, deceptive, cowardly, and greedy motives and ideas. There is not a conscious widespread conspiracy to hide important facts about dysfunctions in the medical community. Everyone has not come together and agreed to hide and lie about "problematic" personal and family negative realities related to why people react and act-out in destructive ways. Nevertheless, such a cover-up does exist.A group of powerful and influential psychiatrists, psychologists, physicians, and treatment-center management directors, joined by special interest groups such as parent-activist organizations and large pharmaceutical companies, are aggressively supporting the marketing of "no-fault" disease or biological theories. https://diethours.com/noocube-review/