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oleh Johnson Sophie (2018-12-21)

Small opening from the nose down the back Airsnore Review of the throat may cause snoring. Physical structure of the palate, such as being elongated, pushes the airway closer to the soft throat tissue. There is little that can be done to shorten the palate, however the airway can be opened more when the jaw is in the CPR position. Some people are born with a long uvula that may touch the back of the throat and narrow the opening. These people sometimes get relief from snoring by sleep more elevated so gravity works in favor of opening the back of the throat plus use a sleeping chin strap to force the jaw forward. Soft throat tissue can vibrate and cause snoring. Relaxed or soft throat muscles that collapses when you sleep and narrows the airway. Obesity is cited as the primary cause, however muscle-building does create tighter muscles around the throat making the passageway narrower. Obesity and sleep deprivation are the chicken-egg scenario. There is a very strong correlation between sleep disorders and weight gain. Learning to sleep well does help with weight loss and energy levels for exercise. Exercise is key to getting tired enough to sleep more! https://diet4today.com/airsnore-review/