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The Lean Belly Secret

oleh Johnson Sophie (2019-01-24)

The six fat burning hormones all work through The Lean Belly Secret Review the liver. As part of the body's filtration system, this organ filters out drug residues, dead cells, and microbes from the blood. It also works as a detoxification organ breaking down chemical toxins that that are in the blood. Exposure to these toxins may result from the foods that we eat, from environmental exposure, and / or from the medications and alcohol that is directly consumed. The liver also breaks down fats, proteins, and carbohydrates in its role as a digestive organ. It makes sugar fuel (glucose) for the body out of proteins. It is the largest internal organ and the only vital organ that has the ability to regenerate itself. All in all, the liver has numerous functions within the body. Liver damage can result from many different sources. Some of the problems are within our ability to correct. One of the most common problems is the over consumption of refined carbohydrates and sugar. Excessive amounts of refined carbohydrates and sugar tend to over work and stress the liver as does excessive quantities of proteins and fats. Excessive quantities of dietary fat can also lead to an enlarged liver.

As fat accumulates within, the liver is stressed and its function is altered. Toxic chemicals along with drugs and alcohol also have a similar effect. In these cases liver function is impaired while the longer term accumulation of these substances leads to significant damage and serious issues regarding the liver's health. Viruses, bacteria and fungi can also destroy the liver. Hepatitis, a very common liver infection is caused by microbes, its effect on liver health can be devastating. Antibiotics and other medications tend to create side effects that also greatly alter function and health.