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oleh dilli jack (2019-01-29)

Myocardial infarctions and heart disease are the Alphanation Combat Fighterprimary cause of mortality today. According to the American Heart Association more than 330,000 deaths occur each year from heart attacks, over 200,000 could be saved if everyone knew CPR. Due to a disturbance in the heart's electrical rhythm or ventricular fibrillations, the heart stops beating and the victim stops breathing. The patient's heart requires defibrillation, either from an automated external defibrillator or manually through the correct application of CPR.Most heart attacks (70%) occur in the home with a family member available to assist if they have expertise or minimally, CPR training. First, tilting the head back clears the airway of an unresponsive patient, second, it requires pinching the nose and blowing two quick breaths, forceful enough to make the chest rise. Immediately, the heel of the favored hand if placed at the center of the breastbone; the heel of the other hand is placed on top. The weight is distributed evenly between the shoulders; with elbows locked, the chest is quickly compressed about two inches 30 times, a little faster than once per second, followed by two quick breaths. This cycle is continued until medical assistance arrives. In children, one hand is used and the chest is compressed one inch. In infants under the age of one, two fingers are used to perform the chest compressions and a seal is formed over the mouth and nose; breaths are less forceful.It is morally and ethically essential that everyone assumes responsibility and is certified in CPR or has knowledge of how it is performed. Heart attacks and emergencies can occur anywhere, in the movie theater, supermarket, mall, or a party. Possessing the knowledge and methodology to artificially restore breathing and circulation through CPR is a preventative measure against another fatality or or another heart attack mortality statistic. Eight hours of training can translate into the rest of a lifetime for a heart attack, drowning, or choking victim, because someone took the time to learn how to save a life.