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oleh united states Daniel Kamesh kamesh (2019-02-23)

Chelation therapy as a medical treatment,NuCulture Review in part, is the use of a chelating agent (organic molecule) introduced into the body, ideally as an infusion (intravenously). As it circulates around the body, suspended in the bloodstream, it will attract and surround a metal ion. The resulting complex, chelating agent (organic molecule) and the surrounded metal ion will eventually pass through the kidneys. The kidneys recognize this complex as not being food and not needed or wanted and it is filtered from the bloodstream through the kidneys into the urine and then eliminated from the body. More in a moment about why the activity of deburdening the body of minerals and metals can be so therapeutic. The consideration of using this chelation chemistry therapeutically in man began to be formulated in the era around World War II as an antidote for arsenic-containing poison gasses. Arsenic is a metal, that if immobilized, would decrease the effectiveness of the poison gasses. Around the same time, the chelating agent EDTA (ethylenediamine tetra-acetate acid) appeared on the scene in 1947. Studies were done in Georgetown University and at Walter Reed Army Hospital on patients utilizing the chelating agent EDTA. An entirely different application of chelation therapy in vascular disease and related disorders began to be reported in the medical literature around 1950. Back to minerals and why they are so important in health and in disease. Energy production is the most basic and essential activity in the body. Impaired energy production will result in impaired health and is a major factor in the development of chronic degenerative diseases and the aging process as well. The body's energy is a composite of cellular energy production. An average body has approximately 7,000 billion cells. In order for cellular energy to proceed effectively and efficiently, enzymes must be present. Enzymes are proteins which accelerate the cellular chemical reactions that result in the cellular energy production. There are hundreds of enzymes. This enzymatic reaction must have a coenzyme or cofactor to have an effective reaction. Many coenzymes must have a mineral and/or a vitamin as an essential ingredient. Magnesium and zinc, for instance, are coenzymes necessary for hundreds of cellular chemical reactions, so....if there is a deficiency of an essential coenzyme mineral it blocks the enzyme needed to insure that the cellular chemical reaction happens and that determines the cellular function, and consequently the health and function of the organ and other systems the malfunctioning cells are located in. http://wedidreviewforyou.com/nuculture-review/