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oleh united states Daniel Kamesh kamesh (2019-02-27)

2007 welcomed Bulgaria Click Cash System Review into the European Union and into the global trading relationship with many countries. And 2008 promises even greater trade and investment achievements with bilateral investments into the world's economy. The Bulgarian economy will continue to grow at a 5.5%-6% per year, and corporate tax rates were lowered to 10%. This is causing investors from various countries to take notice of the talent pool and the capabilities of the resources available. Information and Communication Technologies As Bulgarian companies push forward to increase their competitiveness in the EU, the Bulgarian government continues to adapt with EU commerce practices. At the same time the legislation works on various aspects of the digital economy, new and expanded opportunities exist in the information and communication technology sectorsInternational information technology companies find Bulgaria attractive because of the 0% export tax, comparative low salaries and high skill level of the local workforce. Both fixed and mobile segments of the Bulgarian ICT market still have high growth potential with large investments expected in both segments. A number of foreign companies are opening call/service centers, software development companies, and various other ICT related companies have opened offices in Bulgaria There are opportunities for participation in tenders for sale of computers, peripherals and servers for government procurement. The government of Bulgaria has an egovernment initiative that will provide major opportunities. With these intentions many global companies are taking advantage of the blossoming opportunities. https://forexprofitideas.com/click-cash-system-review/