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2 Penis Enlargement and Magnifying Method - Hydromax Pump And Viagra

oleh Update Bathmate (2019-02-12)

Having erectile dysfunction disorder is the biggest problem in men that makes them unable to be sexually active. This condition also causes the man to be confident so that domestic squabbles can happen and can not be avoided.

In order for the problem of erectile dysfunction is not a more serious problem, some men choose to use drugs that give instant effect. Not a few of the men use Viagra in order to get the most erection and sexual activity runs smoothly. However, taking drugs can create harmful side effects for the body, such as faster heartbeat and headache if the drug is consumed continuously.

Unlike men who use Viagra, there are men who prefer the pumping method because the effect is not directly into the body and safer than using strong drugs. Well, from the two things above, which one is more effective to overcome impotence and which one is the safest?

Strong medicine and various health risks

Strong drugs such as Viagra will have an instant effect on men. After taking this blue pill, the penis can get the perfect erection within 30-60 minutes.

Men who initially have a hard time responding to stimuli given, can get a better erection. The blood vessels around the penis become more relaxed so that blood can get in faster and easier.

Oh yes, the instant effects provided by Viagra is running for 4-5 hours only. After the time runs out, the penis will return limp and you are hard to have an erection again.

Viagra does provide a good effect on the penis though only temporarily. However, excessive use of this drug can cause several things such as:

Heart disorders
Nausea and dizziness are quite large
The stomach becomes sore if you have an ulcer
Blood pressure is unstable
Other disorders associated with congenital disease.

Reviews and results from Hydromax Pumps

Hydromax is made of safe and free from phthalate, made from medical grade material. Each model and size is specially designed and has been dermatologically tested by a renowned specialist clinic in the world. Aspen Clinical Research has tested water-based Hydromax pumps and proved that the product is safe to use in the vital tool area.

Simply used 15 minutes per day can make the penis longer 2-3 inches and make the penis thickness dimension increased by 35%. The results are very fast, but if you want to get a permanent result use regularly for 3 months it will get permanent results on the penis.

There are no side effects on this product because at the time of the pumping process using water and air as the medium so it is safe for the genital area of ??the skin of the penis.

Using Hydromax In The Tub

Fill the bath tub with hot water enough to cover the waist when seated. Bath and relax for at least 5 minutes to allow the area around the testicles to become loose. Keep in mind, do not use the pump while within this relaxation period. The 5 minute period dedicated to relaxation allows achieve maximum comfort when pumping.

Loosen the penis by applying a slight foreplay prior to inserting into the pump. Then, submerged the pump allowing water to fill completely. Once filled, insert flaccid penis into the pump while keeping it submerged.

Carefully position the sealing ring on the beveled area at the based of the testicles. Doing so reduces pressure applied to the testicles and allowing the pump to seal fully against the pelvis. Also, make sure the penis is evenly positioned inside the pump. Hold back the testicles making sure it is comfortable prior to compressing or pumping the bathmate.

Push or pump the Bathmate towards the pelvis a few times to begin building up the vacuum inside the pump. During the pumping, excess water will be released onto the pressure valve. Normally, a vacuum is created with 4 to 5 pumps or until no excess water is released. At this point, just relax as it indicates optimum vacuum is achieved.

When the vacuum starts to decrease, pump the Bathmate back to achieve optimum pressure. On the other hand, if the pressure is too much, pressing the pressure valve lightly will release pressure.

Release the pressure by depressing the pressure valve release after 15 to 20minutes of using the pump. Releasing the pressure and removing the pump can be done while standing in order to see noticeable results at once.

So, of the two things above which do you think are more effective? If you want long-term effects for long-term health investment, using Hydromax pumps is best.