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This study aims to develop a virtual class by using Kelase on Logic topics for high school students and find out how it works in helping with school learning. The research method used is qualitative development and descriptive research. Research includes the planning, development and testing of virtual classes built using Kelase. The research subjects consisted of 15 high school students from different areas connected on-line. Data is planning descriptions, virtual classroom development, student activities in virtual classes, student work results and student comments. The data were analyzed descriptively qualitatively and supported by display drawings. The results showed that by using Kelase, can be developed a virtual class in accordance with what is planned. The development of this virtual class includes the presentation of logic material in the form of video, giving practice and quiz in the form of multiple choice, as well as the discussion forum discussion to know the comments, criticism and suggestions from the class participants, and the presentation of the questionnaire to know its implementation in helping the learning in school. The developed virtual classroom helps in school learning. It is shown from the results of the exercise and quiz of the participants who have exceeded the minimum criteria designed designed, also supported by positive comments from the participants of the class and also from the questionnaire results

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kelas virtual; Kelase; Logika

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