Pengaruh Strategi Pembelajaran Problem Based Learning dan Kooperatif Tipe Number Head Together (NHT) terhadap Hasil Belajar Matematika pada Siswa Kelas V di SD Bangunharjo

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Abstract:This reasearch aims to findout which strategy that is more influential on mathematics achievement, either applying Problem Based Learning or Numbered Head Together for fifth grade of Bangunharjo elementary school. This is a quasi experiment. There are two subject of this research, they are 20 students experiment class and 20 students control class. The data collection technique was documentation and test. Results of there search show that the learning result of the experiment class with Problem Based Learning got the avarage score of 15,05 and it is categorized as high score, and the strategy of  Numbered Head Together got the avarage score of  8,90, which is categorized as medium score. Based on the hypothesis test that applied t-correlation tests hows that t= 7,666, ttab = 2,093, p = 0, it can be concluded thaton the level of 5% signification with p < 0,05. Therefore, it can be concluded that the application of Problem Based Learning (PBL) strategy is positively more influential that Numbered Head Together (NHT)  in accordance of mathematics achievement.

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PBL, NHT, Achievement, Mathematics

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