COMPARATIVE STUDY OF LOADING AND INSIDE STYLE ON PC-U (Prestressed Concrete-U) GIRDER BASED RSNI T-02-2005 AND SNI 1725-2016 (A Case Study at the Sembayat Baru II Bridge in Gresik, East Java)


  • Mayar Rohmadi Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa
  • M. Afif Shulhan Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa


Bridges are a means of connecting that are important for life and the economy. In the construction work of the Sembayat Baru II Gresik Bridge, East Java, the PC-U (Prestressed Concrete-U) Girder design refers to the RSNI T-02-2005. Along with the times, these standards are updated to become SNI 1725-2016. Therefore, this study will conduct a comparative study of loading and internal force on PC-U (Prestressed Concrete-U) Girder based on RSNI T-02- 2005 and SNI 1725-2016 using CSI Bridge software. The results of this study are that the loading value and internal force with RSNI T-02-2005 have a greater influence on modeling PC-U (Prestressed Cocrete-U) Girder than loading with SNI 1725-2016.



ASSE 2018

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