Designing online reading materials in schoology for eight-graders at SMP N 3 Gedangsari


  • Sudarmi Sudarmi SMP Negeri 3 Gedangsari, Indonesia



In the digital era, the use of technology in the teaching-learning process is a must. Technology plays an important role in language learning and instructional material design. It is a tool to support the creation of the material. Schoology is one of the online learning media used to deliver the content of teaching to the students. It can be easily accessed by students anytime and everywhere. This research aims to design online reading materials in Schoology for eighth graders of SMP N 3 Gedangsari. This research uses the qualitative method. The subjects of this study were 30 students of the eight-graders of SMP Negeri 3 Gedangsari. The data were taken from document analysis, observation, and interview. The reading materials were designed based on Nation and Macalister's (2010) material design and uploaded to Schoology. The goals of learning are stated from basic competencies in the 2013 Curriculum. The content and sequencing consist of the topic, type of text, vocabulary, grammar, and language function. The format and presentation followed scientific approach steps. The monitoring and assessment contain some tasks. Then, the material design is applied to the teaching-learning process in the classroom. The result showed that online reading materials in Schoology could help students achieve their learning goals and improve their reading skills. They can determine the meaning of vocabulary in context, learn grammar, identify the text's purpose, identify the text's generic structure, understand the language function, find the main idea, identify stated and unstated details, find references, and make a conclusion.



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Sudarmi, S. (2023). Designing online reading materials in schoology for eight-graders at SMP N 3 Gedangsari. English Language Literacy, 1(1).




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