Evaluating textbook of 21st century English for Libya for First secondary school students


  • Hamza Abdulkaraeam Fantaze Sabratha University, Libya




This study is an attempt to evaluate the suitability and propose suggestions to improve the EFL textbook ‘21st century English for Libya’, taught at first secondary in Libya. To this end, the researcher developed a checklist based on (Macalister, 2013) to collect the data from the newly-written textbook. The researcher followed the steps of analyzing the qualitative data proposed by (Saldaña, 2014): data condensation, data display, and drawing and verifying conclusions. The Finding shows that the reveals degree of suitability of ‘21st century English for Libya’ for students have fulfilled the criteria of a good textbook by achieving an average fulfillment score of 82% with a fulfillment score of 87% for considering the environment, 100% for discovering needs, 75% for following principles, 100% for goal, 62% for content and sequencing, 50% for format and presentation, and 100% for monitoring and assessment, researcher propose some suggestions to improve the textbook based on the weakness that the data analysis show in 4 aspects which are; considering the environment, following principles, content, and sequences, and format and presentation. Hopefully, the findings will provide feedback for textbook developers, decision, and policymakers about the textbook and how it can be developed and modified.    



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Fantaze, H. A. . (2023). Evaluating textbook of 21st century English for Libya for First secondary school students. English Language Literacy, 1(1). https://doi.org/10.36597/elly.v1i1.14254




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