Scaffolding implementation in IELTS speaking skills to Indonesian EFL learners


  • Yosep Kurniawan Jogja English Training (JET) Yogyakarta, Indonesia
  • Imam Ghozali Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa, Indonesia



IELTS speaking skill, scaffolding efficacy, scaffolding use, scaffolding types


This research was conducted to reveal the implementation of scaffolding in the IELTS speaking skill to Indonesian learners at Jogja English Training Centre, Yogyakarta. This research aims to: (1) find out the types of scaffolding used by teachers in teaching IELTS speaking skills, (2) reveal the use of types of scaffolding during the teaching-learning process, and (3) reveal the efficacy of scaffolding in improving IELTS speaking students’ abilities. This study is a qualitative case study involving three teachers and their students. Data for this research were collected through observation and interviews. Three IELTS teachers were interviewed, and two of them were observed to obtain data related to types of scaffolding and their implementations in teaching IELTS speaking skills. The researcher also interviewed four students who had joined the IELTS preparation program to reveal data on the teachers' efficacy of the scaffolding strategies. Three major findings emerged from the research. Firstly, most teachers used Developing Metacognition and Representing Text types of scaffolding in teaching IELTS speaking skills. Secondly, the teachers used the types of scaffolding in various ways in teaching IELTS, but all of them were in line with the principles of every type of scaffolding, such as sharing strategies, planning the meeting lessons, doing simulation tests, giving model answers, engaging students to the related topics, and relating students’ previous knowledge to the next skills. Thirdly, the types of scaffolding used by the teachers had positive impacts on the students in which they strongly supported the students' abilities in IELTS speaking skills and band scores. Based on the results above, it can be inferred that scaffolding is truly important to be implemented during the IELTS teaching-learning class activities to develop their speaking abilities. 




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Kurniawan, Y., & Ghozali, I. (2023). Scaffolding implementation in IELTS speaking skills to Indonesian EFL learners. English Language Literacy, 1(1), 8–16.




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