• Moh. Rusnoto Susanto Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa
  • Rahayu Retnaningsih Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa
  • Anselmus Sudirman Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa


In the Industrial Revolution 4.0 era, which was marked by the exploration
of digital technology in a wide variety of lines, the millennial generation
paradigm is currently celebrating its mainstream of cybercultures. The
millennial generation is inevitably rolled up in the flow of digital
communication technology that has provided a potential form of
characteristics by uprooting identity at its cultural roots. The era of digital
technology development in the new transformers of the 4.0 industrial
revolution era emphasizes the pattern of digital economy, artificial
intelligence, big data, and robotic platforms known as a disruptive innovation
phenomenon. To be able to face these challenges, the national education
system from the basic to the university levels is required to carry out
transformation in the concept of education, learning system, and enrichment
of local genius based curriculum. The education system relies heavily on local
wisdom values as the basic capital of character education from the cultural
capital as described by Ki Hadjar Dewanta as an avant garde figure through
his inner acumen and thoughts which gave birth to various pillars of concepts
in terms of education and culture known as bounding jumps (quantum leaps).
The current author intends to rediscover the bright spots of avant garde
principles of Ki Hadjar Dewantara on the national education. As a
phenomenon that goes beyond the times through the philosophical
perspective of organisms, there needs to be increased human resources in
educator-producing universities involving quality lecturers for future
This brief description uses a historical approach along with content
analysis techniques through which phenomenological perspectives become
an important part in tracking Ki Hadjar Dewantara’s concept maps to
rediscover various slices of contexts in the community. The dissemination of
knowledge and teachings can be seen as a phenomenon that grows
Intercultural Collaboration Indonesia – Malaysia “Implementation of Tamansiswa Philosophy†| 99
organically, and naturally in light of the time, and turbulent times of souls. His
thoughts and teachings inspire many thinkers who disseminate the same
principles all over the world even though they are fundamentally different in
diction choices as shown in Ki Hadjar Dewantara’s avant garde principles.
Ki Hadjar Dewantara obviously regarded education and learning as
values of local genius people and amid currently shadow pedagogical
sciences, such values are important to the scarce provision of the national
character. As a national hero of education, Ki Hadjar Dewanta has been a
phenomenal avant-garde figure through his inner acumen and thoughts that
transcend time and space boundaries known as quantum leaps. The concept
of national education as a phenomenon position be an avant garde figure
with his thoughts that transcend the age as reflected through the
philosophical perspective of organism. For this reason, the teachings of Ki
Hadjar Dewantara have raised a lot of further efforts in education that
humanize humans with the spirit of educating the nation's life to penetrate
wide-ranging dimensions of space, time, and science. Phenomenologically,
this philosophy has represented a number of tangible organism's philosophical
perspectives. Education is not only results-oriented, but also processesoriented
in which real efforts should be made to realize meaningful and
dignified educational achievements. In a quantum leap perspective, Ki
Hadjar Dewantara’s concepts deal with the awareness to national warriors
and a new spirit to indigenous people was given space to obtain educational
rights through Tamansiswa college. There is a crazy idea of an avant garde
character that we are proud of and the teachings have been transformed
into wilder and crazier ideas emerging in the analysis phase to conduct
discussions, categorize ideas and make selections more deeply.