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Child development becomes important to get more attention in the
character invstation "jiwa merdekaâ€. Children plays have been lately
replaced with GADGET and are reduced or unable in carrying out
traditional plays of ancestral heritage and the Indonesian local wisdom.
Indonesia is rich in a variety of traditional children's plays that can
become inexistent if not preserved by the next generation. The purpose
of this study was to find out the investation of 'jiwa merdeka’ children by
conducting a variety of traditional plays. This research is targeted as
development research using quantitative, experimental and qualitative
approaches. Preliminary research has been carried out with the subject
of children aged 9-10, totaling 121 children, 4th grade students of SD
Muhammadiyah Karang Kajen Yogyakarta. Previously, children were
given the opportunity to play a variety of traditional plays in 8 meeting
sessions before filling out several scales of research. Data was obtained
on a scale of psychological well-being and traditional plays intensity
scale. The results of the study show that the intensity of the opportunity
to play a variety of traditional plays in investing the 'psychological wellbeing'
of the subject. The results of this part research value of p = 0.001
<0.05 there was a significant relationship between the intensity of
performing traditional plays with psychological well-being of children at
.405 (correlation), and generally in the investation of 'jiwa merdeka’
children. This research still requires a more thorough and in-depth
analysis of aspects of ‘jiwa merdeka’ as Ki Hadjar Dewantara's concept
in children's education.


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