Peer Review Process

  1. Initial Manuscript Evaluation

The editor first evaluates all manuscripts. Manuscripts rejected at this stage are typically insufficiently original, have serious scientific flaws, poor grammar, or are outside the journal's aims and scope. Manuscripts meeting the minimum criteria are passed to at least two experts for review.

  1. Review Process

IEJST employs a single-blind review method where reviewers remain anonymous. Manuscripts will be reviewed by experts designated by the editor according to their expertise. Acceptance or rejection notifications are sent via email. If rejected by the first reviewer, the manuscript will be sent to a second reviewer. If rejected twice, the manuscript will be rejected. If the second reviewer recommends revision/acceptance, the editorial board will consider the revision based on the board meeting's decision.

  1. Reviewer Reports

Reviewers are asked to evaluate the following aspects:

  • Relevance: Does the manuscript align with the journal's focus and scope?
  • Novelty: Does the research offer new findings or perspectives?
  • Contribution: Does the research contribute significantly to the field of industrial engineering?
  • Writing Presentation: Is the manuscript clearly written and well-structured?
  • Abstract: Does the abstract provide an accurate summary of the manuscript?
  • Introduction: Is the background and research objectives clearly explained?
  • Method: Are the methodology details sufficient and appropriate?
  • Results and Discussion: Are results presented clearly and discussed comprehensively?
  • Conclusion: Are conclusions supported by the research findings and do they address the research objectives?
  • References: Are the references relevant and up-to-date (last 5 years)?
  1. Review Schedule

Review results are scheduled no later than one month after being sent to the reviewer. If the reviewer has not submitted the review within one month, the editorial board will request another reviewer to review the submitted paper. Authors are given two weeks to revise the manuscript according to the reviewer and editor's suggestions.

  1. Final Decision

The decision to accept or reject a manuscript is the responsibility of the Chief Editor/Section Editor. Decisions are made by the editorial board monthly. An LOA (Letter of Acceptance) will be sent to the author if the manuscript is accepted by the editor. Note that the review process may take some time depending on the time reviewers need to review the manuscript and the time authors need to revise the manuscript.