IMPACTS: International Journal of Empowerment and Community Services 2023-09-25T12:53:01+07:00 Umi Wahidah Open Journal Systems <p>IMPACTS: International Journal of Empowerment and Community Services, Faculty of Economics, Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa (UST) Yogyakarta Indonesia has been published since 2022. This journal is published regularly in September and March every year. In each journal publication period, contains 7-9 articles. This journal aims to publish the results of thoughts and ideas achieved in community service. We hope that this journal can be a means to increase the interest of the people, improve the quality of community service in various fields and be able to provide benefits to the wider community.</p> Development of Online Promotion to Increase the Marketing Attractiveness of Batik Products 2023-09-25T12:51:24+07:00 Eva Yuniarti Utami Audita Nuvriasari <p><strong>Purpose ­ </strong>This community service program aims to increase sales of WOU Batik through optimizing online marketing. Besides that, it is aimed at increasing the skills and knowledge of resellers in compiling and utilizing marketing calendars as a promotion support tool.</p> <p><strong>Methods - </strong>The method used in this community service activity is through the transfer of knowledge and technology which is manifested in reseller training activities and preparation of marketing guidelines in the form of a marketing calendar. At the end of the activity, program evaluation and monitoring programs are carried out.</p> <p><strong>Result and discussions - </strong>The result of this community service activity is an increase in partners' knowledge and skills in compiling and utilizing marketing calendars so that promotional materials become more attractive. It is hoped that this interesting marketing communication can improve marketing performance.</p> <p><strong>Conclusion - </strong>Resellers play an important role in distributing products from producers to consumers. For this reason, companies need to properly manage relationships with resellers, one of which is through training and mentoring activities to package promotions attractively and complete promotional tools so that it is hoped that they can provide profitable benefits for both parties.</p> 2023-09-27T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Eva Yuniarti Utami, Audita Nuvriasari Implementation of E-Procurement in Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (Mumkm) in Yogyakarta 2023-09-25T12:19:58+07:00 Reni Listyawati uum helmina Sri Lestari Yuli Prastyatini <p><strong>Purpose</strong>Community Service (Abdimas) activities carried out at the MSME "Dapoer Tania" aim to improve marketing methods by increasing the intensity of utilizing social media, increasing the capacity for product and packaging innovation, and implementing operational procedures for the e-procurement system by considering certain criteria for selection. digital supplier that produces a standardized and structured system at "Dapoer Tania"</p> <p><strong>Methods -</strong>Implementation of activities is carried out through several stages, namely field observation, training and mentoring. The first stage was collecting data using survey and interview methods. The survey was carried out through direct monitoring of the situation that actually occurred in the MSME "Dapoer Tania". This monitoring is carried out so that it can be described what needs need to be in the information system to be built. Next is the interview. Interviews were conducted through discussions with owners regarding obstacles, business processes and implementation of e-procurement systems and checking existing SOPs in MSMEs. The second stage is carried out after identifying the problems found in the first stage. The third stage is carried out after field observations and training are completed.</p> <p><strong>Results and discussions –</strong>Technological developments have brought convenience to services so that many companies are adopting e-procurement as a supply chain support to be able to adapt to market changes and to achieve business goals, such as operational efficiency, sustainability and profitability. Many companies are adopting e-procurement because of its ability to streamline supply chain networks. The emergence of e-procurement has created a higher profile for supply management as well as increased visibility to a company's top management. By adopting this technology, it has influenced organizational performance, both directly and indirectly. The results of this service also show that the marketing method training program by increasing intensity utilizing social media,</p> <p><strong>Conclusion -</strong>E-procurement brings transparency and effectiveness in the supply chain and makes a significant contribution to supply chain performance. In addition, e-procurement also allows companies to measure and monitor orders, such as processing time, order delivery time, and current status. Therefore, the implementation of e-procurement in MSMEs plays an important role and will have an impact on improving supply chain performance in MSMEs.</p> 2023-09-27T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Reni Listyawati, uum helmina, Sri Lestari Yuli Prastyatini We Care Programme: Uplift and Educational Support at Bondulu Children’s Home Toboh, Tambunan, Sabah, Malaysia 2023-09-25T12:52:00+07:00 Wong Sing Yun Suddin Lada Brahim Chekima Siti Nor Bayaah Ahmad Rudy Ansar Faerozh Madli Mat Salleh Ayub <p><strong>ABSTRACT</strong></p> <p><strong>Purpose -</strong> This Community Project’s major goal is to uplift and provide educational support to the underprivileged students in the Needy Children’s Home of Bondulu, Toboh Tambunan. This initiative also aims to motivate and encourage the students to attain a higher level of educational achievement.</p> <p><strong>Methods –</strong> Conducting workshops and motivation sessions on educational support to students in need. Through such sessions, students are shared with important information such as courses offered, course entry requirements, career opportunities, etc. Next, interactive activities are carried out to encourage students’ participation and to obtain intuitive education-related information from the students’.</p> <p><strong>Result and discussions –</strong> Students from the Needy Home are better informed of the courses offered, the entry requirements and the career pathway available. They become highly motivated as they are exposed to the educational opportunities available to them upon completing their secondary education.</p> <p><strong>Conclusion –</strong> In conclusion, the community project achieved its objectives in increasing the student’s knowledge of the education opportunities available to them and to be highly motivated to continue to a higher education level. Besides that, this project also helps the students to build higher self-esteem and to become highly motivated in pursuing higher education. This will assist the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4 which aims at ensuring equal access to all levels of education for the vulnerable.</p> 2023-09-27T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Wong Sing Yun, Suddin Lada, Brahim Chekima, Siti Nor Bayaah Ahmad, Rudy Ansar, Faerozh Madli, Mat Salleh Ayub Empowerment of Karang Taruna in the Kali Gajah Wong Tourism Village through Increasing Literacy and Financial Inclusion 2023-09-25T12:53:01+07:00 Christina Heti Tri Rahmawati Ima Kristina Yulita Firma Sulistiyowati Aurelia Melinda Nisita Wardhani <p><strong>Purpose ­ </strong>This service activity raises the problems faced by the Kali Gajah Wong Tourism Village, where based on interviews with youth organizations as managers of the tourist village, so far the business financial management of this tourist destination has separated business and personal finances, but this has not been done regularly so it has not fulfilled the expected desires. from donors or the government who will increase capital. Therefore, financial management is important to develop this tourist destination. This mentoring activity aims to provide an understanding of financial literacy and inclusion so that tourist destination managers do not experience financial difficulties and can allocate income across various investment instruments.</p> <p><strong>Methods - </strong>This activity was carried out using mentoring methods and continued sharing from the tourist village management.</p> <p><strong>Result and discussions - </strong>The results of the assistance to the youth organization in the Kali Gajah Wong Tourism Village went smoothly and according to what had been planned, it went well and according to plan. The managers of this tourist village increasingly have a good understanding of financial literacy and inclusion and are able to separate personal and business finances, and can manage business finances more transparently.</p> <p><strong>Conclusion – </strong>The implication of the results of this service activity is that it is hoped that tourist village managers can increase their understanding of financial literacy and inclusion so that they can improve business financial management and ultimately increase the income and welfare of the local community.</p> 2023-09-27T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Christina Heti Tri Rahmawati, Ima Kristina Yulita, Firma Sulistiyowati, Aurelia Melinda Nisita Wardhani