Change Management in the Context of an Educational Institution Sustainability


  • Mundilarno Mundilarno Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa


Change is a necessity in all aspects of life including education. This study aims to conceptually analyze the management of change in the context of the sustainability of the education of SMP Negeri 4 Sentolo (4 Sentolo Public Middle School), Kulonprogo, DI. Yogyakarta. Data obtained through research using a qualitative approach  (Tugino, 2018). The continuity of the implementation of education is determined by the quality of educational outcomes, which is closely related to change management by the relevant educational institution. The sustainability of educational institutions ultimately depends on the trust of the community, which is primarily related to the quality of educational outcomes. Changes affecting people's demands for the quality of education are dynamic and complex. Thus, the quality of education outcomes lies in the ability of the educational institutions in managing changes in the community. Therefore, change needs to be managed in order to realize quality by synergizing all school staff and stakeholders. The continuity of the implementation of education in other words requires change management in order to realize the quality and trust of the community through commitment, togetherness, and participation of all components of the school.

Keywords: change management, education quality, togetherness, and commitment.






Proceeding 2018