Challenges of Future School Leadership


  • Welius Purbonuswanto Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa


This paper aims to 1) know the qualifications that must be possessed by a school principal. 2) Knowing the function of the principal in the implementation of education. 3) Knowing the challenges faced by school principals in implementing education? 4). Identify challenges and steps that must be taken by a school principal in facing the challenges of implementing education in the future. This research includes a type of development research and simple analysis. The results showed that, the consequences of the existence of school based management, the duties and responsibilities of the principal became increasingly large. The school principal must be able to lead and empower all school resources. The principal is the driving force and determinant of the direction of school policy. For this reason, the leadership of the primary school principals must be able to empower teachers to carry out a good, smooth and productive learning process, complete tasks according to the time set, establish harmonious relationships with the community so that they can be actively involved in realizing school goals, working with team cooperatively, and succeed in realizing the goals of the school productively in accordance with the stipulated provisions. So that the welfare of teachers cannot be ignored, because it is one of the determining factors in improving performance that directly affects the quality of education. Increased welfare can be done, among others, through the provision of incentives beyond salary, rewards and rewards and benefits that can improve performance as an improvement in the quality of education, health and life of teachers.

Keywords: challenge, leadership, future school






Proceeding 2018