The Relevance of 3N Concepts (Niteni, Nirokke, Nambahi) In The 21st Century


  • Agustina Sri Purnami Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa, Indonesia


Life in the 21st century is marked by the wider and more open all access to information. Humans living in the 21st century feel life in a world without borders (Tilaar: 2012). All events that occur at the end of the world can be known by the other end of the world at the same time. People can become workers in other countries and even compete to get jobs with better material awards. According to Tilaar (2012), the quality of human resources obtained through education and training is a human need in this century. Current education is not just delivering students to live at this time, more important is being able to prepare students to live in the 21st century. Life skills in the 21st century are flexibility, adaptability, initiative, independence, cross-cultural interaction, productivity, accountability, leadership and responsibility. In this century, all activities carried out by a person must be published in order to be known and used as a reference for other people who will carry out activities. Therefore, all one's activities must be published through existing networks. One of the learning concepts according to Ki Hajar Dewantara is the 3N concept, namely Niteni, Nirokke, and Nambahi. Niteni is to recognize carefully and grasp the meaning (nature, characteristics, procedures, truth) of an object. Niteni means the process of finding and finding meaning (traits, characteristics, procedures, truth). Nirokke and Nambahi can be translated to imitating and developing/adding (to innovate and to add value) (Punami, US, 2017: 635). The relevance of the 3N concept can be interpreted as follows. The concept of Niteni means doing an activity based on the results of the previous research, that all activities carried out based on the results of research, both research conducted by yourself and those carried out by others. The Nirokke concept means doing activities as a comparison of previous activities or research. The concept of Nambahi means that there is a newness of research conducted, what is found in the research conducted. With the concept of 3 N, we are able to bring our students to live in the 21st century.

Keywords: 3N concept, 21st century, independence





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