Evaluation of Zoning Student Recruitment System in Year 2018


  • Kiki Engga Dewi SDN Gantang 2 Sawangan
  • Ririn Septiana SDN Gantang 2 Sawangan


The purpose of this paper is to determine the implementation of the zoning system in student registration PPDB in 2018 and the evaluation of the implementation of the zoning system in PPDB in 2018. The Ministry of Education and Culture has implemented the PPDB rule in 2018. The purpose of the zoning system is to ensure access to education services for students, to bring the school environment closer to the family environment. , eliminating exclusivity and discrimination in schools, especially public schools, helps analyse the calculation of teacher needs and distribution. The evaluation of the zoning system in PPDB in 2018 is the need for improvement in Chapter II of the 6th section concerning specifically in article 19 paragraph 1 - 3, the need for affirmation in article 16 paragraph 2 in migrating people in one local I achieved no later than 6 months, the Ministry of Education and Culture and related education offices immediately remap the zoning system carefully, and parents and administrators of the neighbourhood to be honest to get / issue of poverty.

Keywords: zoning system, student recruitment






Proceeding 2018