Meanings in the Concept of Education Sustainability


  • Gunawan Gunawan Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa, Indonesia


This writing aimed firstly is to appreciate the holding of an international seminar on the main topic of ‘Innovation Issues and Challenges in Education for Education Sustainability’, secondly is to remind that the concept “Education Sustainability†is a very broad and very contemplative concepts that demand extraordinary sincerity for all participants. All participants need to be very-very careful in their participation and in receiving the concepts presented in the seminar in order to gain the complete understanding to get results or usefullness for their work or profession. This warning needs to be conveyed to the seminar since there are still many differences between or among concepts in relation to education in one side, vague inclusion of influencing factors to the concept of sustainability in another side. One more thing to be mentioned is the problem on the perspective used in the analyses of the problems, that is the uses of different perspectives  in the analysis of the problem under discuss, such as of those the use of "data driven" perspective in one side and the use of perspective of "theory driven" in another side. 

Keywords: education; sustainability; perspective; data-driven; theory driven





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