Teachers’ Implementation of the 2013 Curriculum in English Classes


  • Imam Ghozali Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa, Indonesia
  • Endang Poerbowarni SMP Negeri Pandak, Bantul, Indonesia


This study aimed to: 1) describe how teachers structure their classroom interaction based on the scientific approach in teaching English in secondary school, and 2) reveal factors which contribute to the implementation of the new methodology. Data for this study were teacher students interaction in English class. These data were collected by means of observation and interview. During the observation, the researchers audio recorded the classroom interaction to catch all speech acts made by the teacher and students in the class. The findings show that the teachers structured their classroom interaction consistently following guidelines of scientific approach. Some variabilities are also documented most of which stem from teacher factors. Although teacher-participants are certified and thus hold the four year college degree, or Sarjana Progam.

Keywords: classroom interaction, the 2013 Curriculum, scientific approach





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